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Why Diamond Mine Plan ?

TAJ Solitaires Advantage

Owning TAJ Solitaires Diamond Jewellery is now made easy

Plan in Advance

Plan your purchase with TAJ Solitaires in advance for special occassions

Special Benefit

Pay for 10 installments & the 11th installament is on us.

TAJ Solitaires Real Diamond Jewellery presents an opportunity to plan your diamond purchases. We understand the value of investments, as well as the importance of your dreams and What it takes to accomplish them, TAJ Solitaires Diamond Mine Plan is here to support you in creating a fulfilling, safe, and happy tomorrow.

Open a new account on the TajSolitaires.com or at the TAJ Solitaires exclusive stores.

Pay a monthly Installment of minimum ₹1000 in multiple of ₹1000 for 10 months.

Avail a special discount of 100% of the 1st Installment value, at the time of redemption.

Diamond Mine Calculator

Slide or enter monthly Installment Amount
Your total payment
(Period of 10 months)
₹ 10,000
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₹ 1,000
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worth :
₹ 11,000
You effectively Pay
₹ 10,000

Frequently Asked Questions

How to join TAJ Solitaires Diamond Mine Plan?

Visit any TAJ Solitaires exclusive store & our store staff will assist you in opening TAJ Solitaires Diamond Mine Plan for you. You also have option to join the plan, by enrolling online on TajSolitaires.com

What KYC documents I need to submit?

Upload Aadhar card while opening the Diamond Mine Plan. Also, upload PAN card, if your single month plan installment is Rs 19000 and above.

What is the minimum monthly installment?

You can enroll in the plan by paying minimum fixed monthly installment of Rs 1000 (Rupees One Thousand) or above (in multiples of Rs 1000 / Rupees One Thousand).

Will I get payment confirmation receipt /passbook after starting the plan?

Yes, you will receive the confirmation via Email / WhatsApp.

What are the available payment options?

There are multiple online payment options like Credit Card, Debit Card, Net banking, UPI etc.

What happens if your online payment fails?

In such Cases, you need to wait for 48 hours, as sometime there are server issues on payment gateway site. After 48 hours if the payment is still not credited back to you, then you are requested to contact payment providers.

What will be the due date for paying installments?

You can pay the installment on any date of the month. One installment is mandatorily required in a month.

Can you change the installment amount after enrolling in the plan?

No, you cannot change the installment amount, after your plan has started.

What happens, if you default your monthly installments?

If you default any monthly installment, then the benefit of your plan will not be given at the time of maturity.
In such case, you will get back Diamond Jewellery equal to your principle amount only, without any benefit.

Can you close your plan before maturity date & withdraw your paid installments after few months?

Yes, you can withdraw your paid installments at any time before plan maturity. In such cases, you will get back readily available studded Diamond Jewellery equal to your principle amount only without any benefit. Refunds will not be given in any case.

Where you can redeem your plan after maturity?

You can redeem your plan for Diamond Jewellery at any TAJ Solitaires exclusive store or on our website TajSolitaires.com

What benefit will I get during redemption?

You will be eligible for 100% discount equivalent to 1st installment of your plan for redemption done for Diamond Jewellery.

Can you redeem your plan for all jewellery products of TAJ Solitaires?

No, You can redeem your Diamond Mine Plan only for readily available studded Diamond Jewellery only. You cannot redeem your plan for partial Diamond Jewellery & Partial Gold Jewellery. Gold/Silver/Platinum Coins, Loose Diamonds, Loose Solitaires, Plain Gold/Silver/Platinum Jewellery, Gemstones of any kind, any Plain Metal Jewellery is not included in this scheme. Only readily available studded Diamond Jewellery caters to Diamond Mine Plan.

Can you get benefit for pre-maturity redemption?

Yes, if you have paid more than 6 monthly installments or less than 10 installments, then you can redeem your plan for 50% discount benefit of the 1st installment value.
Ex. if your monthly installment is Rs 1000, then your maturity benefit discount (after 10 months) will be Rs 1000 for readily available studded Diamond Jewellery and your pre-maturity benefit discount will be Rs 500 for readily available studded Diamond Jewellery.

If your redemption invoice billing value is more than plan redemption value, will you get refund?

No refund or carry forward credit note or advance voucher will be issued in such cases.
You will have to redeem your plan against full invoice billing value.

Can your friend / relative redeem your plan, on your behalf?

No, only the Diamond Mine policy holder can redeem the process. Not anyone else.

Is Pan Card compulsory for redeeming my plan on maturity / pre-maturity?

Yes, Pan Card is mandatory as per RBI guidelines for any redemption value more than Rs 2,00,000 (Rupees Two Lacs).

At the time of redemption of my plan, can you avail on-going offers / promotions / schemes of TAJ Solitaires?

No, you are eligible for only Diamond Mine benefit during redemption and no other ongoing discounts will be clubbed.

From which location you can redeem your plan?

You can redeem your plan at any exclusive stores across India or on our website.